Ads up! Get your Sponsored Products ready for the shopping season

  The shopping season has started, and this is not only the time to sell more products but also the time to sell much more Sponsored Product Ads! The holiday season doesn’t really start in December – It starts right NOW! According to a September polling by SessionM, about half (48.1%) of internet users planned […]

Who will be arranging your shelf?

  Would you let Amazon manage your shelf? Would you join an Amazon Sponsored Products Ad network? Many online retailers and marketplaces that offer in-store promotions find themselves facing the question whether they should be selling their in-store promotions by themselves or be part of a retail marketing ad network. The dilemma grows as more […]

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Amazon Q2 2018 results (focus on Amazon Advertising)

  So Amazon released their Q2 reports, presenting a very nice growth especially in the AWS and advertising activities. We have gathered some highlights from the earnings call that was held On July 26 and relates to the advertising business in order to see where it stands and where this is going to (and our […]

Which advertisers are likely to spend their ad dollars on your eCommerce site?

  Some interesting reports were published in the previous week shedding light and insights on Sponsored Product Ads performance. Here are some of them: Merkle Q2 2018 Digital Marketing Report. “Brands investing in Amazon Sponsored Products since at least Q2 2017 increased spend on the format by 165% Y/Y in Q2 2018. Headline Search Ads […]