Linio and Mabaya join forces to introduce Sponsored Products ads in Latin America


Linio, a leading marketplace in Latin America, will now offer its sellers and brand partners online campaigns using Mabaya’s Sponsored Product Ads platform


As online marketplaces become more and more popular among shoppers, and attract thousands of sellers, Sponsored Product Ads turn to be an excellent choice to grow the exposure and, in many cases, a way to make sure that, when the consumer’s journey ends, the searched Sponsored products come first and make an impact on the purchase decision.

In the last quarter, eCommerce platforms generated more than 2 billion dollars from selling sponsored product ads. In Asia, for example, sponsored products and eCommerce media in general, became the leading media channel for Advertisers.

Latin America is still far behind in this strategy and this is why Mabaya, an eCommerce media tech company, announced today that they have partnered with Linio, a leading marketplace in Latin America that operates in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and 5 other countries in the region and serves millions of shoppers every month. The idea is to offer Sponsored Product Ads and also headline ads for sellers and brands on Linio’s eCommerce sites.

Using Mabaya’s Sponsored Product Ads platform, Linio will empower its sellers and brand partners to secure premium digital “Shelf Space” for their products. Sellers will be able to choose one of five promotional packages and will also get a welcome free coupon for their first campaign.

Before launching the Sponsored Products program, Linio ran a successful beta for several weeks with leading sellers. Within 10 days, the average ROAS (return on ad spend) exceeded 1,000%, meaning that every dollar that was spent on Sponsored Product Ads generated direct sales of $10. Some of the sellers reached ROAS of 8,000% and some product ads exceeded 100,000%.

In the next few days, Linio is opening the Sponsored Product Ads program to some of its sellers in Colombia and it will soon be available to more sellers across the country. In the following weeks the program will be available in the other countries as well.

“This alliance confirms the commitment of Linio with its sellers and how we support their growth by giving them more exposure options. We are placing our trust on Mabaya´s experience and accomplishments “, says Laura Davalillo, Regional Branding Manager at Linio.

“We are excited for our partnership with Linio and we are looking forward to start working in Latin America” mentions Dan Chen, CMO and VP business development at Mabaya.


About Linio

Linio is considered the fastest growing ecommerce in Latin America with operations in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, México, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. It has become a reference in each of the markets where it has business and provide to the consumers an experience with safe, fast and reliable deliveries. offers Latin-Americans the option to choose between millions of products from name brands. Also, it offers diverse payment methods, that vary depending on the country and that include cash on delivery, credit or debit cards, among others.

About Mabaya

Mabaya develops advertising tools that enable marketplaces and online retailers to monetize their traffic by offering sellers and brands to promote their products. Mabaya’s white label Sponsored Products Ads platform enables sellers and brands to bid in order to ensure their products are listed in premium locations in the online stores.