Kairion and Mabaya join forces to introduce native Sponsored Products ads in Germany


Mabaya, the Sponsored Products ad network for eCommerce, and Kairion, the German leader in E-Commerce Media Solutions, launch a sponsored product ad network in leading German eCommerce sites.


As 70% of the consumers purchase decisions are made in the store, it becomes the most important battlefield for brand manufacturers.
Sponsored product ads help brands to make sure that when the consumer’s journey ends in the online store, their brand will be there and make an impact on the purchase decision.
Kairion, the German leader in E-Commerce Media Solutions and Mabaya, the Sponsored Products ad network for e-commerce, announced today that they have partnered to offer sponsored product ads for brands on Germany’s leading eCommerce sites.
Mabaya’s platform enables retailers to offer and manage sponsored product ads, the native ad format for e-commerce sites, and empowers advertisers to bid for and secure premium digital “Shelf Space” for their brands in the on-line store.
Just like ads on publisher’s sites evolved from display ads to native, biddable, programmatic ads, Sponsored product ads are becoming a standard for online retailers, and Mabaya’s state of the art platform offers the perfect solution for this purpose.
The results of Sponsored product ad campaigns are usually above the average in terms of CTR and ROAS. Mabaya’s case studies in the UK and France presents up to 42,000% ROAS on consumer electronics campaigns, 18,000% on Fashion and 26,000% on Beauty products.
Kairion, the German leader in E-Commerce Media Solutions, who is already working with leading online retailers such as sanicare, zooplus, Karstadt and myTime, will become Mabaya’s local partner and be responsible for introducing the sponsored product ad network to the German online retailers and advertisers.
“Because of the strong margin pressure, advertising revenues are essential for the financial success of online retailers. But advertising space is rare and shop designs are often already optimized on sales,” says Vikrant Agrawal, Chief Operating Officer at Kairion. “With Mabaya’s native Sponsored Products ads we are able to empower online retailers in increasing advertising revenues while keeping the shop design as it is. We can activate Sponsored Products for our network partners without any additional effort – a meaningful supplement to our display ads.”
Dan Chen, CMO and VP business development at Mabaya: “Germany is one of the largest eCommerce markets in Europe and in the world with online sales of more than 60 million Euros a year and we are very happy to launch our German activity with our selected partner Kairion. We expect that the German advertisers would embrace the sponsored product ads and follow the global trend.”

For further information, please contact: dan@mabaya.com
About Mabaya
E-Commerce websites are the most important and effective touch point for marketers in today’s complex customer journey. With this in mind, Mabaya has developed a state-of-the-art sponsored products ad platform and network that enables retailers to offer and manage sponsored product ads, the native ad format for ecommerce sites – and it empowers advertisers to secure premium digital shelf space for their brands in the store.
About Kairion
Kairion is the German leader in E-Commerce Media Solutions and connects retailers and brands. The company integrates ads seamlessly into the purchase process of online retailers, based on the consumers actual purchase interest. With Kairion brands benefit from measurable high reach and from the fact that ads are placed exactly when consumers pay most attention to brands and product messages. Retailers on the other hand not only generate additional revenue from media and marketing budgets but also benefit from positive effects on the average order value. Kairion is a subsidiary of Cocomore AG, an agency for marketing and IT. Both companies are located in Frankfurt am Main.