Sponsored Products, look above you – Introducing the Sponsored Brand Ads


If Sponsored Product ads in search result pages are the most targeted in-store promotion tool intended to offer the shoppers the right product when they are looking for it, the Sponsored Brand Ads (aka Headline Ads) offer a more holistic covering fire for the brand or seller to showcase themselves and their offerings.

In other words, while Sponsored Product Ads enable to place one product on the right shelf, Sponsored Brand Ads offer an entire shelf at the best position in the store.

Following the growing interest and demand, both from advertisers and marketplaces, Mabaya is now adding the new ad format to its ecommerce media suite for marketplaces and online retailers.


The Headline ads look more like a display ad above the search results and enable the brands and merchants to promote 3 or more products based on chosen keywords and drive traffic to their main page within the store or to its products pages.



The Sponsored Brand Ads are based on the core algorithm and architecture of the Sponsored Product Ads using the same key functions and abilities.

When starting a Headline ad campaign, the advertisers choose the products for the campaign (as many as they want) and some keywords that they want to target.
They also choose a short promotion text message and a landing page within the store.

When a shopper searches for a product that is relevant to the keywords the ad is served, presenting 3-4 products from the campaign that are chosen automatically based on their relevancy and conversion history.


Better for branding 

The Headline ads are important not only to generate direct sales but also for branding and increasing awareness or market share. Their prices are usually higher than Sponsored Products Ads.

Unlike Sponsored Product Ads that are very strict, the Headline ad enables the advertisers to showcase their products even if they are not exactly what the shopper is looking for.

Here is one example – When a shopper searches for an iPhone in most cases a sponsored product ad would only present a real iPhone but the Headline ad can present iPhone accessories, iPhone substitutes (like Samsung or Xiaomi) etc.

In that sense it can serve advertisers that are aiming at shoppers who are looking for their competitor’s products or for complementary products.
It also enables the advertisers to widely showcase new products, exclusive discounts etc.


5X better CTR

A recent report by Merkle, a performance marketing agency, shows that although the new format of Headline ads in Amazon is still less popular than Sponsored Product Ads (85% of the budget goes to Sponsored products vs. 11% that goes to Headline ads) they are getting more and more popular presenting the highest growth (75% Q/Q) and they get the highest CTR’s (5 times higher than Sponsored Products).

Although the Headline ads are wider than Sponsored Product Ads and less native, according to Merkle they reach almost the same SPC (sales per click) as Sponsored Product Ads.

The pricing models for the Headline ads are flexible and are up to the marketplace – It can be CPC, CPM etc.

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About Mabaya

Mabaya develops advertising tools that enable marketplaces and online retailers to monetize their traffic by offering sellers and brands to promote their products. Mabaya’s white label Sponsored Products Ads platform enables sellers and brands to bid in order to ensure their products are listed in premium locations in the online stores.