The Moore’s law of e-commerce or the crucial importance of being first


A new report from Mabaya, the sponsored product ad network for ecommerce, demonstrates once again the importance of appearing in the first page results on ecommerce sites and presents new interesting findings.

Mabaya gathered information from several e-commerce sites in the UK that sell consumer electronics and checked the effect of the products location in the category pages on the number of clicks the product received.

The results are not too surprising but still interesting.


First page first

The research found that 50% of the clicks to product pages were generated from the 1st category result page.

The 2nd page generated 26% of the clicks to product pages, the 3rd page generated 12%, the 4th page generated 4%, the 5th page generated 2% and the remaining pages generated 1%. So the 1st 2 pages of the category generated 75% of the clicks to product pages.

On each page the average number of clicks on the products that were presented was half than the number in the page before and double than the numbers in the next page.



Being first is more effective for non-brands. The research found that for products that are less known or branded, the numbers of clicks on each page are three times higher than the number of clicks on the following page.

For these less branded products appearing on the 1st page is almost critical if they want to get clicks and be purchased.


Above and below the fold

As for the position on the page the research found that appearing on the 1st line in a result page generates the highest number of clicks, the 2nd line in is 20% less effective. The 3rd most effective line is the last one in the result page and it is 20% less effective than the 2nd line.

In general the products that appear in the first half of the result page generate 40% more clicks than the products in the 2nd half.


Sponsored products are perceived by users just like any other product.

One other interesting finding was that there was no relevance to the fact that some of the products were sponsored, and that someone paid to promote them – The sponsored products on each page (if and when they appeared) generated the same average of clicks as the other products on the page in similar locations.


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