Can your marketplace make 2 billion dollars per quarter from Sponsored Products?

  So Amazon just released the 2018 Q1 earning report showing that their advertising business, powered mainly by Sponsored Product ads, generated roughly 2 billion dollars, presenting an uplift of 132% year over year. In 2015 the annual revenues from advertising on amazon reached less than 800 million dollars. How did they get to 2 […]

Why eCommerce media is considered “native advertising in its best”?

  Last week the Native Advertising Institute presented the 2018 Native Advertising Technology Landscape. The sorting of the different sections – Programmatic, DSPs, Social media, eCommerce etc. was probably not done by efficiency as the eCommerce section (which included Amazon advertising, Etsy, Mabaya and few others) was pretty much at the bottom of the page. […]

Linio and Mabaya join forces to introduce Sponsored Products ads in Latin America

  Linio, a leading marketplace in Latin America, will now offer its sellers and brand partners online campaigns using Mabaya’s Sponsored Product Ads platform   As online marketplaces become more and more popular among shoppers, and attract thousands of sellers, Sponsored Product Ads turn to be an excellent choice to grow the exposure and, in […]

Amazon, eBay, Google and Facebook – What are they saying about eCommerce media?

  As the 4Q17 earnings season is about to end, and following our last post about the brand’s perspective, we thought it could be a good opportunity to check how these four big companies relate to eCommerce media. Here are some highlights and notes taken from their recent earning calls.   eBay Generating higher ecommerce […]