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Marketplaces and online Retailers

Make Every Page Count!

Most shoppers leave a retailer’s site without making a purchase. However the online store plays a significant role in the consumer’s decision journey and brands and sellers are willing to pay in order to get better appearance in the store. Use Mabaya’s Sponsored Products platform to offer and manage native advertising on your site and work directly with your sellers and brand partners.

Mabaya: The complete solution for monetizating your online store.


Brands and Sellers

Secure Premium Digital “Shelf Space” for Your Products

Running Sponsored Products campaigns for your products insure reaching the right audience at the right time: when they are in the store, ready to buy! By using our platform in top retailers’ websites and leveraging our cutting-edge, predictive engine, we successfully capture your target audience, drive traffic to your product pages, and increase conversions.

Boost your product’s visibility and gain control of your digital shelf space.

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