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Secure Premium Digital “Shelf Space” for Your Brand

At Mabaya, we promote your products and reach the right audience at the right time: when they are in the store, ready to buy! By using our network of top retailers’ websites and leveraging our cutting-edge, predictive engine, we successfully capture your target audience, drive traffic to your product pages, and increase conversions.

Boost your product’s visibility and gain control of your digital shelf space.


Mabaya sponsored product ad network
250MillionShoppers reached monthly
650MillionProducts promoted monthly
42MillionAttributed sales


The Solution for Modern Retailers – Make Every Page Count!

Most shoppers leave a retailer’s site without making a purchase. It means that you need to prime your pages and data so that you still make money, even when shoppers are not buying. Use Mabaya’s Sponsored Products platform and network to offer and manage native advertising on your site. Use our Audience Targeting platform to earn more revenues from your vendors and drive traffic back to your site, by getting their sponsored products ads across the web.

Mabaya: The complete solution for monetization in and out of your online store.