Going up the funnel

Whether you are running a pure marketplace or hybrid one, many brand advertisers will be happy to put their ad dollars in your retail media offering.

The reason is that you offer them the best place to reach their consumer before they make a purchase. This is as close as it gets to the point of purchase.

Why is it important? because 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store and as written in the opening words of McKinsey’s popular report (from 2009) about the consumer decision journey: “If marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions.”

Brands will usually offer higher bids not only because they have more budget and upper funnel purposes but also because they usually get better conversion rate (thanks to the power of the brand) and therefor better ROAS/ACOS. Their margins are also higher and for all of these reasons they can offer higher bids.

Brand advertisers are not only interested in Sponsored Product Ads (which by the way they can run on your Mabaya platform even if they are not selling directly in your marketplace but have some products that are sold by your marketplace sellers). They have other marketing goals such as awareness and branding.

For these marketing goals they need upper funnel ads – Display, video etc.

In an article that was published in eMarketer earlier this year they said: “If the Retail Media 1.0 era was primarily about search-driven ecommerce, then Retail Media 2.0 will be about moving up the funnel and across retail channels… Retail media will become as much about branding as it is about performance advertising.”

The largest growing ad types on Amazon this past year were video ads and Sponsored brand ads.

In this post we want to present the ad types and tools that we offer for brand advertisers (besides sponsored products ads:


Sponsored Brand Ads (SB)

SB appear on the top of the search result page and include images text and products.

The store can design it however it wants (image size , horizontal, Vertical, how many products etc.).

The creation of the campaign is like SP except that there is a third phase in which the advertiser uploads the images and enters a textual message (and URL for landing page).

The store can decide which advertisers are entitled to run SB ads and these campaigns can be pending approval of the store admin or auto approved (your call).

The store can also set higher min bids for the SB campaigns.



Video Ads

Sponsored Brand Video ads appear in category pages and search results pages and include a video and a product.

The creation of the campaign is like SB.

The store can decide which advertisers are entitled to run SB campaigns and these campaigns can be pending approval of the store admin.



Display Ads

Display Ads are simple image ads that appear in category pages.

The ad serving is based on categories so when the campaign is created the advertiser needs to select the categories for the campaign.

The creation of the campaign is simple, and the advertiser doesn’t need to select products.

The store can decide which advertisers are entitled to run display campaigns and these campaigns can be pending approval of the store admin.



Reserved (RSP) Ads

RSP are regular Sponsored Product Ads that are sold exclusively to one brand based on keywords.

It enables you to guarantee the advertiser 100% of the impressions for a search term (in the top position) for a limited time for the price that you choose.

The RESERVED campaigns are managed by the store.

Soon we will also enable self served RSP (with admin approval).


Offsite Ads

Offsite ads Enable advertisers to run campaigns across the web to send traffic to the advertiser’s product pages.

Currently the offsite campaigns are running as display ads in different networks.


Ads on the Homepage

SP ads can appear in the homepage in a separate carousel or within existing carousels and it can be personalized based on the information the store has on the shopper.

Same goes for display ads.


SP boosting

Brand advertisers are usually more aggressive in their bidding because they are also interested in awareness, branding etc. and not just in performance, and because their conversion rates are usually higher, so they can bid higher.

They can use certain features in the backoffice that will enable them to get more impressions in special positions: (1) Above the fold and (2) In their product pages (to reduce the chance that their competitors would get impressions).

Coming soon!



More to come in 2024!

In the meantime, you also need to work on your pitch deck for brand advertisers. Start here.


Upper funnel webinar

We are planning a webinar about this topic at the beginning of next year.

To get more information and register please sign up here.

About Mabaya

Mabaya, a Criteo company, offers a white-label self-service retail media platform for online retailers and marketplaces that enables sellers and brands to bid in order to ensure their products are listed in premium locations in the online store.

The platform is integrated in more than 50 ecommerce sites around the globe (such as Bol.com, Jumia, Manomano, Kaufland, Falabella etc.), serving more than 80,000 advertisers and sellers.