Generate Incremental Revenues from Your Site

Your Site. Your Media. Your Rules.

Mabaya's Sponsored Products for Retailers

Increase Your Revenue from Native Ads in your site


Mabaya’s “Sponsored Products” for retailers is a comprehensive, digital advertising solution that allows retailers to create, sell, manage, and deliver native advertising on their website, across all platforms.

Drive incremental revenues without compromising your conversion rates and bottom line results. With Mabaya, you set the rules: You decide where the ads will appear, you determine the look & feel of the ads (ensuring they match your site), and you block the categories of ads you don’t want.

With Mabaya, you can:

  • Manage and deliver all of your native ads for web and mobile on one platform
  • Adopt a white label solution that enables you to launch your own ad network
  • Track and improve your campaign performance using our tools and reporting
  • Benefit from built-in integration with our ad network to increase revenues
Mabaya sponsored products ad network for ecommerce

Define your ads placements

sell your inventory to advertisers

create campaigns

Deliver ads

Track and improve

Drive Incremental Revenues from Advertisers and Agencies

Mabaya Sponsored Product Ad Network


Mabaya’s sponsored products ad network is a free, easy-to-use way to drive incremental revenues – simply by displaying sponsored products alongside your regular, organic products while keeping your own traffic on your website.

take advantage of our integration with major agencies, drive incremental revenues from search budgets:

  • fill unsold ad inventory from your trading department – or any other network you use – and maximize your revenues.
  • integrate easily across all devices! we support desktops, mobile web apps, and mobile native apps.
  • you are in the driver’s seat! you have control and can block any ads you don’t like, and customize exactly where your ads appear.

Upload your products using your standard product feed

Create ad placements by pasting ad code on your site, or by using our API

Advertisers bid to show their ads in your ad placements, in a real-time auction. When their ads are viewed or clicked on, you automatically earn money

We handle the process of billing, and make sure you receive payment


Mabaya Second Party Data

ipadTransform the on-site shopper audience into off-site advertising revenue, at scale. Offer your vendors an opportunity to target their digital ad campaigns to your customers – and drive incremental revenues, traffic, and sales at no additional cost.

Mabaya sponsored products ad network for ecommerce

The data is under your control; block campaigns you don’t want to run

The data is under your control; block campaigns you don’t want to run

Easy to integrate across all your devices

Increase your revenues from co-budget campaigns

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