The new headline ads collection


First there were sponsored products, then came the headline ads (AKA Sponsored brands) and now welcome the VIDEOHEAD and the other enhanced headlines!

Headline ads in eCommerce sites are gaining popularity among advertisers and merchants as they enable them to get better brand appearance in search result pages and showcase more than one product.

Besides the branding effect, the headline ads campaign also reach very good performance results – their CTR’s are almost double than regular Sponsored Product Ads. Accordingly it also cost more and increases the store’s revenue.


The headline collection

These days Mabaya is introducing the new headline ads collection.

The new headline ads offer different enhanced options such as display, video, coupons  and landing pages.

A product display ad enables to present a display ad (JPG) that leads to a selected product or any other landing page within the store. This is a great option for branding.

Using the VIDEOHEAD for example, the advertiser can showcase several products and a product video or a video commercial that pops up on the page when the shopper clicks it.



The VIDEOHEAD can increase the store’s revenue from the headline position as it has a great value for the brands. The store would also be able to set a higher minimum bid for this ad type.

Another ad type enables to offer discounts and coupons in the ad:



A 4th version enables to create a landing page with all the products or listings that are in the campaign as seen in this example:

headline ads - sponsored brands


More enhanced headline ad types will be released in 2021.

The creation of the campaigns is easy – The advertiser needs to select the products or listings that they want to promote, choose the ad type and set the creative elements.

The products that will be presented in the ad are those that are most relevant for the search term.



  • If you want to join the beta and be among the first to implement the new headline ads please contact us and we would be happy to get you on board.


About Mabaya

Mabaya develops advertising tools that enable marketplaces and online retailers to monetize their traffic by offering sellers and brands to promote their products. Mabaya’s white label Sponsored Products Ads platform enables sellers and brands to bid in order to ensure their products are listed in premium locations in the online stores.