Introducing Mabaya Autonomous

Having a Sponsored Product Ads platform is one thing. Getting your merchants to use it is another.

For merchants who are not used to running campaigns on Google, Facebook or Amazon, a self service console for managing their Sponsored Product Ads campaigns can be intimidating. Which products should I choose? What bids to offer? Which keywords to select and what budget?

These are just some of the typical questions that a merchant asks before starting to run campaigns.

When they don’t have clear answers they might abandon the idea or give it a try which could end up with bad results (if they don’t manage it and optimize it on the go) and an unhappy merchant.


Automatically for the people


In order to reduce the obstacles we developed tools to create automatic campaigns.

First we offered the automatic keywords and the automatic bidding options. The algorithm chooses the relevant keywords for the products that the merchant is promoting (keywords with high chances of getting clicks and conversions) and set the bids in real time trying to target the ACoS that the merchant or the store defined.

Now we are introducing a new tool – Mabaya Autonomous, a simple yet smarter way to create Sponsored Product Ads campaigns.

When the merchant chooses to run an autonomous campaign the products, the bids and the keywords are selected autonomously by the algorithm.

The campaign will also be autonomously monitored and updated daily to optimize the results, adding and removing products and Keywords and changing the bids.

In a test we conducted during the 1st week of January the results were extremely positive.

The average CTR of the ads from the autonomous campaigns was more than double and the average ACoS was 30% lower (compared to the other campaigns).









The offering to the advertisers and sellers can be done in the create campaign page in different ways or it can be added just for the product selection.


For a demo of Mabaya Autonomous campaigns please drop us an email: