Boosting is easily complicated


Whether you are running a busy marketplace or a diverse classified site it is probably certain that you have several kinds of clients: The sophisticated sellers, the one-time unsophisticated sellers and those in between.

The sophisticated sellers are usually big companies who are probably using an ad agency to run all of their digital campaigns, including Sponsored Products or Promoted Listings. They also do campaigns on Google, Facebook and other places, they are familiar with real time bidding, programmatic and all the other AdTech terminologies.

They demand reports and real-time dashboards, they can calculate their ACoS and they spend a lot of money when they get satisfactory results.

On the other side of the scale there are the unsophisticated users. Some of them are listing something for the very first time, some don’t really care about advertising or hardly have any budget for it. They are not familiar with the AdTech language, they hardly run CPC campaigns on Google and they don’t know what ACoS means. They do however want to promote their products and sell more and willing to pay for it.

These 2 groups can become enthusiastic users of a sponsored product program and spend a lot of money boosting their sales (by securing premium positions in search results pages etc), but they should be approached differently.


The sophisticated sellers who are used to running ads on Google and other platforms should be getting a lot of advanced manual options for running their promotions: they should be able to choose the bids, the total budget, the way it is used, the keywords, the pages where their ads are presented etc. They expect to get reports and see a real-time dashboard where they can constantly adjust their campaigns.

The unsophisticated need only one thing – A “boost” button, just like the one they have on Facebook, where they can click and boost their product (or listing) for a certain amount of money and get more clicks. As simple as that.

In order to support the needs of the different types of customers that eventually are fighting on the same premium spots in the site, we have developed different back offices and promotion tools.

At the heart of the platform pulses the same smart real-time algorithm that chooses the most relevant ad for each query. The forepart however is very different.


The agencies and sophisticated sellers get a back office where they can control everything manually – Keywords, pages, bids, budgets, device etc.

The basic seller or the one-time lister on the other hand can promote its products just by clicking a “boost” button and get a guaranteed number of clicks for a fix onetime fee. The software does everything automatically in order to optimize the results without asking for any manual activity.

At the end of the day these diverse types of sellers can benefit from running sponsored product ads and do it in a way that suits them best.


if you are looking for a native Sponsored Product ads platform or a promoted listing program for your sellers or if you just want to see how it works we would love to set up a live demo.

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About Mabaya

Mabaya develops advertising technologies that enable e commerce sites, marketplaces and classified sites to monetize their traffic by offering Sponsored Products on their sites and enabling their users (sellers, brands etc.) to bid in order to ensure their products or listings are getting premium locations in the site.

Mabaya is running sponsored product ad platforms in several leading online retailers (mostly on marketplaces) around the world.