Black Friday 2020 takeaways


Last Friday we shipped 200,000,000 Sponsored Products on a same sec global delivery.

But enough talking about us – Here are some insights that we gathered during the day that you might find interesting if you are running an eCommerce site or selling your products on one.


For some advertisers, running Sponsored Product Ads Campaigns towards and during Black Friday, is tricky. The traffic is increasing but so is the competition on the ad slots – The CPC rises and the budget runs out quickly.

So should advertisers run campaigns on Black Friday?

The straight answer to most of them is YES! For the majority of the advertisers Black Friday was a blast!

The number of ads that were served was about 3-4 times the average and despite the strong competition and higher CPC’s, in most categories and in most stores. the return on ad spend (ROAS) was 50%-150% higher than the average in October.

The reason for the outstanding performance was that the shoppers were focused on buying and the conversion rates were much higher than usual. In some categories, like toys and video games consoles it was 500% higher.

The Sponsored brand ads (aka Headline ads) presented even a better uplift in terms of conversion rates and ROAS. In average it was 200% higher than the daily results in October. The Sponsored brand ad that appears above the search results and usually costs more, enables the brands to showcase 3-4 relevant products and therefor get more clicks and conversions.

Also in most of the fashion and accessories categories and in the consumer electronics the results were over performing, reaching 400% and 200% higher conversion rates and ROAS respectively.

Here is a short presentation with some additional figures:


About Mabaya

Mabaya develops advertising tools that enable marketplaces and online retailers to monetize their traffic by offering sellers and brands to promote their products. Mabaya’s white label Sponsored Products Ads platform enables sellers and brands to bid in order to ensure their products are listed in premium locations in the online stores.