Automatic for the people – part 2: Autonomous campaigns


In the recent post we explained the levels of automatic campaigns:

(1) Automatic bidding – Enabling advertisers to choose their target ACOS (advertising cost of sale) and not set their own max bid per product or keyword. In these campaigns the bidding is done automatically in real time trying to reach the desired ACoS.

(2) Automatic keywords –The keywords are selected automatically based on the promoted products in the campaign.

(3) Automatic products (aka Autonomous campaigns) – The algorithm will select several products that have the highest chance to perform and add them to the campaign.

We already deep dived into the automatic bidding and automatic keyword selection and shoed their importance to the store (read here).

Now let’s talk about the automatic product selection.


Autonomous campaigns

The automatic product selection option (aka Autonomous campaign) enables the advertisers and sellers to do everything automatically. They don’t even have to select products for the campaign.

The algorithm will select the products with the highest chance to perform and add them to the campaign automatically.

Also it will monitor the campaign on a daily basis and optimize it, adding and removing products, based on the performance.

Here are some statistics from the last 30 days that present the performance of the autonomous campaigns compared to performance of the automatic bidding and KW campaigns.



As you can see the Autonomous campaigns (auto bidding + auto keywords + auto products) are getting 14% better ACOS, 33% higher CTR and Conversion rate and 5% higher average Cost per click (CPC) than the regular automatic campaigns (auto bidding + auto keywords).

This means that these campaign perform better both for the advertisers and sellers (better ACOS) and also get better results for the store (higher CPC, CTR and conversion rate).


So, are you already offering the 3 automatic bidding options to your sellers and advertisers?


About Mabaya

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