Retail media is huge. Yes. You know it. We know it. Everybody knows it.

The thing is that not everybody has been invited. Yet!

Some retailers find it hard to attract advertisers to spend their retail media ad dollars in their retail media offering.

They are just too small.

Brand advertisers are mainly interested in how much traffic you have and what is your GMV (gross merchandise volume).

If the GMV that they generate in your store is small they will prefer spending their ad dollars where it is big. It’s just too much hassle.


We think small is beautiful.

From our experience with smaller online retailers we also know that the performance of their retail media is great. In many cases it is much better than in bigger stores. There is less competition, less ads and the return on ad spend is much better. Advertisers like that.

In a panel that we hosted not too long ago, Tim Nedden from Finc3 agency said: “In the last 2 years, more and more brand advertisers became more mature and understood the retail media’s important part in the sales funnel and they are now much more productive in terms of advertising campaigns and unlocking more retail platform for advertisement. Today they might run campaigns on 15 platforms. 2 years ago, it was only Amazon… One of the drivers on retail media is that Amazon is getting more and more expensive in several categories because of the competition. More and more advertisers look for alternatives and are willing to invest in stores with smaller volume and reach. This is a huge opportunity to new stores that offer sponsored product ads. Low ACOS in new stores attracts more advertisers. There is also huge potential if the stores work on the conversion rate because then the ACOS can get even better“.


So how can small retailers join the retail media revolution?

This is where our new initiative comes in.

After 7 years of offering the best white label Sponsored Product Ads platform to leading retailers and marketplaces that are used to run and manage hundreds of thousands of campaigns for top brand advertisers we decided to build something new for the smaller retailers.

We are about to introduce a new retail media network for small retailers.

Super easy onboarding and integration (just tell us what tech platform you are using).

No hassle from your side. Just allocate some room for sponsored products ads on your website and we do the rest.

Full transparency (you will be able to monitor everything).

We will get the demand from the brand advertisers that sell in your store.

At the end of the month get a check (who uses checks anymore, right? we’ll find another way to transfer your money).


Do you want to hear more and join our beta?

Please send us an email with the following information:

Store URL, Annual sales (GMV ballpark), Traffic (Monthly page views) and what tech you are using (Shopify, WooCommerce, proprietary etc).

We will get back and set up a short call to discuss further.


Now you can’t say you were not invited. Consider this an official invite to join the retail media revolution.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


About Mabaya

Mabaya, a Criteo company, offers a white-label self-service retail media platform for online retailers and marketplaces that enables sellers and brands to bid in order to ensure their products are listed in premium locations in the online store.

The platform is integrated in more than 50 ecommerce sites around the globe (such as, Jumia, Manomano, Kaufland, Falabella etc.), serving more than 80,000 advertisers and sellers.