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With Sponsored Product Ads your products get more exposure in premium locations on the site

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Launching a new product can be difficult because you need sales to get ranked and get organic appearance. With Sponsored Product Ads you can speed things up

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Pay only when a shopper clicks on your Sponsored Product Ad and go to your product page

Rocket organic results

Sponsored Product Ads also help boost products that have been around for a while but are having trouble getting up to the first page and can improve their organic impressions

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Frequently asked questions

Sponsored products ads allow you to promote your products in search result pages and other positions to relevant and targeted customers. It helps you stand out from competition and display your best products at the right time in the consumer’s journey.

Sponsored Products can appear in several ad placements across the site (especially in the search result pages and category pages) to help shoppers discover your products. These placements may change from time to time as we are constantly making changes to the design and trying to optimize it.

Based on the products that you are promoting we match their keywords automatically to the search terms that shoppers are searching for. When a shopper searches using words or terms relevant to your products, your ads can appear along with the other products in the search results or in the category page.

Before you start paying to send more people to your product pages we suggest you make sure that these pages look great to maximize their conversion rate.

o Make sure you have got the product in stock.

o Make sure you have high quality images.

o Include great product descriptions. The kind that actually sell your visitors with brilliant copywriting.

o Try to promote products pages that have good reviews.

o Pay close attention to your seller grade (if the store presents one). A good grade reduces the shoppers concerns and helps achieving better conversions.

o Try to make sure that your price is competitive. The fact that you paid for getting people to your product page doesn’t mean they are not doing price comparison.

If you are using one of our plans it means that you have one campaign running with the products you select.

It enables you to easily promote your products without too much hassle.

The algorithm chooses the Keywords for your campaign and does the bidding automatically trying to optimize your results and match the ACoS that the store defined.

You will have one dashboard that presents the performance of the campaign (impressions, clicks, conversions, sales and cost) and the performance of each product and keyword (at the bottom of the screen).

Beside choosing the products for your campaign you can also edit the daily budget, pause the campaign and reactivate it at any time, exclude keywords and add negative keywords.

You can switch to a pro account and then you can manage several campaigns in parallel, do manual bidding and select the keywords manually as well.

To do that talk to your account manager.

If you have further questions about the Sponsored Products please Contact Us

Our sellers say

"We have started running Sponsored Products Ads 8 months ago and saw an immediate impact on our sales. The campaign management console is very intuitive and easy to use. I recommend it to all the sellers (except for those that sell similar products to what we are selling 🙂 "
Fun Toys etc.
"We use Sponsored Product Ads especially during the holiday season to get more visibility for our holiday products and we see direct and indirect increase in our sales for most of our products."
Christmas creative gifts