Promoting your products in marketplaces is a business for professionals

Let our promoter team manage your Sponsored Products campaigns

Put Your products At The Top Of The List

Win the moment of truth

Target customers at the moment of truth: when they are in the store, Looking for a products like yours

Mabaya sponsored products ad network for ecommerce

Increase sales

Drive traffic to your product pages and increase sales

Mabaya sponsored products ad network for ecommerce

Increase market share

Protect your shelf space from competitors, to increase your market share

Minimize your costs

We will optimize your campaign based on your target ACoS


The experts in Sponsored Products

After 3 years of building and running Sponsored Products ads platforms for major online marketplaces and retailers we can humbly say that we are the masters of our domain. We know how it works. How it really works. We wrote the book of Sponsored Products.

Our Promoters Team uses proprietary tech tools that we have developed based on our insights and 3 years of experience,  to help sellers promote their products better.


You decide what budget you want to spend on promoting your products (it has to be higher than 2,000$ per month), Which products or product categories you want to promote and what is the ACoS that you are aiming (Advertising Cost of Sale).

We take it from there!

We initiate your campaign (or take over in case you are already running Sponsored Product ads), monitor it and modify it on a daily basis in order to optimize your results and increase your sales.

Write down your details and we will get back to you ASAP

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